This is to kindly request you to please read till the end to understand that this online funding campaign is not a charity drive but wake up call from our Mother Nature.


We all are well aware of the degradation that has happened in Gir over the years and how lions are at risk of extinction. We all must understand that without lions there will be no Gir and without Gir, there will be no water for Saurashtra. If not done enough to save lions, Saurashtra will soon turn into dessert and all the wellbeing will vanish with it.

This is a call from Mother Gir to make a contribution towards saving the ecosystem and rich heritage of the land. I have single-handedly kept this drive to save our motherland going on for the last five years by way of spending my life savings (65 lakh). I have made the documentary film “Khamma Gir Ne” to find out the truth and take up the issue with authorities and the Government. For the last two years, I have been going door to door in administrative and political corridors of Gandhinagar to make them aware of the heartbreaking situation. As part of my effort, I have written a letter to our Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shree Narendra Modiji along with an in-depth 21-page report. (you can find the PDF file and link for a video of the same here) As of today, I have to receive any response from his office and as a next step, I have presented the matter to our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for his kind and humble consideration. I have all the hope that finally truth will be heard and appropriate actions will be taken. God forbids and if that does not happen as a last resort I will have to take the path shown by Mahatma Gandhi, which is of peaceful protest and Hunger strike.

I have already given more than five years of my life without earning a single rupee for my family’s wellbeing and I am not sure how many more months/ years I will need to reach the final justice. As said earlier I have exhausted all my saving and therefore this campaign has become a compulsion to take this fight forward for our lions and Gir.

Even if my voice is heard and actions are taken by the Government, those actions alone are not going to be sufficient to turn the tide. And therefore as a lifetime mission following actions and efforts will be needed from our side as we are the son of this soil and we need to make our own contribution to save our motherland – Gir.



Khamma Gir Ne Foundation will operate on the principle of social entrepreneurship with the primary mission of saving Lions, Gir, and its Cultural Heritage.


It will operate on No profit- No loss model and will be transparent with its assets and expenditures. For the self-sustain, Khamma Gir Ne Foundation will set up a Gir Maldhari Dairy business to make Pure Ghee, Butter, and few other dairy products. It will also have a range of handcrafted clothing, bedding, and home decor items made by Maldhari women. In addition, Gir will be promoted through items like Gir and lion print Shirts and T-shirts, caps, jackets, key chains, Photo frames, coffee books, and many such stationary items.

Khamma Gir Ne will work pertinently on three fronts i.e Lion, Gir, and Maldhari as mentioned below in detail.



Gir lions have moved out of the protected areas of Gir National park and Sanctuary for obvious reasons best known to everybody and have settled in the human landscape of Saurashtra spreading over 24000 Sq. Km.


In the current scenario, the theory of coexistence has terribly failed and as a result of this, every third day one lion is dying an unnatural death. Only out of box approach and mass awareness can reverse this grim situation.

Khamma Gir Ne Foundation will form a strong network of volunteers in the villages and towns to bring in the necessary change in the environment that will suit lions to survive and coexist with humans. Various awareness programs will be designed for implementation in schools, colleges, and gram panchayats. People will be made aware of the importance of lions and wildlife for their own benefits and prosperity.

⦁ Notorious elements will be discouraged to harass the lions by way of awareness, counseling, and even hard legal actions if needed to set an example.

⦁ Various plans and strategies will be implemented to reduce the conflict by way of reducing the probability of human-lion interaction and friction. E.g. Creating wired fencing with flashlights around the village so that lions do not venture into villages at night., Creation of enclosed area for disposal of dead live stocks or burring them in soil.

⦁ Initiating various Scientific research projects to collect data regarding the better conservation of lions in Gir and Bruhad Gir.

⦁ Creating natural forest, grasslands, and habitat for lions with ample supply of food and water so they do not venture out in search of the same.

⦁ Assisting villagers to get appropriate and fast compensation in case their lives stock is killed by a lion. Helping farmers to enclose their open wells to avoid accidental deaths of lions.

⦁ Strict vigilance and coordination with the Forest Department for stopping illegal baiting and lion shows.



Gir Forest once was dry scrub land and open deciduous forest and the biggest dry savannah forest of western India with more than 400 species of plants recorded in 1955, making it an ideal habitat for lions.


Unfortunately, substantial degradation has happened to the biodiversity of the forest with a massive growth of invasive weeds like Cassia tora and Lantana Camara. It will be difficult to do much in a protected area without a positive approach and support of the department, But there is vast scope for contribution for improvement of habitat in non protected areas around Gir where equal degradation has happened due to overgrazing and land encroachment. Here to some out of box efforts will be needed to improve the situation. i.e.

⦁ Mission Lilu Saurashtra (meaning both green and wet) ten crore trees and ten thousand lakes in ten years.

⦁ Encouraging each and every village to have its own natural forest, grassland, and water source (lake) These revived forest and grassland can serve as a habitat for lions and also ranch for the live stocks.

⦁ Encouraging each and every farmer to plant native trees in at least 10 percent of his land and have his own water reservoir.

⦁ Encouraging farmers to move towards organic cultivation for long term benefits.

⦁ Encouraging forest-based occupations such as honey culture.

⦁ Creation of natural forest patches on wasted/ barren lands.

⦁ Preserving of wetlands and grasslands.

⦁ With little rain, GIR rivers are flooded and there is a huge soil erosion every year. In summer all the rivers are rock dry. Awareness and water management system to be implemented with the help of administration and locals.



Maldharis have been part of lion conservation in Gir for ages. They have also played a major role in the cultivation of rich cultural heritage and setting high ethos.


Unfortunately today this community is in a disheartened state, due to the atrocious stand of the department and ignoring policies by the governance. Khamma Gir Ne foundation will be bringing in awareness about their basic Human Rights and introduce the following schemes to stop the exploitation and uplift their lives.

⦁ Once Gir Ghee (clarified butter) was the prime occupation and source of good income. They will be brought under the social scheme where they will be encouraged to divert back to Ghee production giving them good pay by selling it in India and the International market under the brand of “KHAMMA GIR NE”.

⦁ Encouraging them to breed Gir Cow for A2 milk and ghee.

⦁ Supporting them multi-dimensional by way of a better milk price and also with the wholesale supply of affordable fodder at a discounted rate.

⦁ Supporting Maldhari kids with better education and health services to them.

⦁ Maldhari women are born artists in making traditional clothes, wall hangings, curtains, bedsheets, etc. They too will be given alternative occupations by selling their products under the same brand.

⦁ Supporting and helping them with legal matters of their Right over the forest.

⦁ Helping them to get the rightful recognition of their community on the national and international platforms through projection and promotion of their art and culture.


Project Lion

Hard-hitting facts


  • Gir has lost more than 100 lions in the first 6 months of 2020.
  • More than 27 lions died under mysterious circumstances in September 2018.
  • 33 lions got captivated for a lifetime under the pretext of observation, only a few are alive as on date.
  • More than 300 lions have died in the last 2 years.
  • More than 600 in the last 5 years.
  • On average every third day one lion is dying.

Hope on the horizon for the Asiatic lion in India

On the occasion of 15th August 2020, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shree Narendra Modi announced the launch of Project Lion in his seventh consecutive Independence Day speech from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort.


This announcement is a very significant important and much-needed step towards the conservation of Asiatic lions in the Gir forest of Saurashtra. According to a report by an investigating committee set up by the central Government, as many as 85 lions have died in just the first five months of 2020.

With the possible paradigm shift given the launch of the Project Lion, Gir National Park and Sanctuary has all the potential to be amongst the best Wildlife Conservancy models. Conversely, it seems the current scenario of lion conservation is like a ticking bomb and which if not diffused, can put the entire species at risk of getting wiped out. Tiger is India’s National animal and India’s conservation programs to save this majestic cat have been truly remarkable and as a result, India now has around 3000 Tigers roaming in the wilderness in seventeen states. On the other hand Lion, India’s former National animal is the Pride of India and truly a majestic animal. In Asia, Asiatic Lion is found only in Gir, Gujarat with an unofficially estimated population of 900 to 1000 sharing the space of 25,000 Sq. Km with a huge human population. This secluded one population of the lion is in a vulnerable stage, due to many unfavorable factors that puts them to the risk of extinction. It is need of the hour that, the Lion is declared a National Animal of India, so that lion gets all the attention and considerations that are urgently required for it undisputed protection and conservation for posterity. With the announcement of Project Lion, the neglected attention for a long time will be finally focused on the Asiatic lions of Gir, not only the pride of the Gujarat state but the pride of India. Khamma Gir Ne Foundation will certainly play a pivotal role in formulating long term and out of box policies for better conservation of lions.

With great concerns for the lion in his heart, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shree Narendra Modi has announced “Project Lion”. To turn the table around many drastic and outbox planning will be needed. Khamma Gir Ne Foundation will not just focus on the problems but also work hand in hand with The Government and Management on the possible solution for every topic related to the better conservation of Asiatic Lions in Gir, India. With all the positive efforts for saving this priceless asset, for the future generation, Khamma Gir Ne Foundation will stand committed to the testimony to the reverence and gratitude of the people of Gir to manifest the wish of Long Live Gir, with the blessing – Khamma Gir Ne.



Narendra Mojidra

Founder, Managing Trustee

An on the set, self-made, profound filmmaker with over 25 years of work experience, belonging to the humble mason community (Prajapati Kumbhar) from the Saurashtra region of Gujarat was born and bought up in the far-away suburb of Mumbai- Dombivali.


After trying his hand on a few short-lived technical occupations, the cinema spark was ignited accidentally while witnessing the shooting of a friend’s Marathi television serial for Doordarshan in the early nineties. The spark turned into a passionate fire on getting a lifetime opportunity to work as an Assistant Director to John Mathew Matthan sir for Aamir Khan enacted film- SARFAROSH and then into an inferno with working as Associate Director to FTII alumni Soumitra Ranade for film Janjantaram Mamantran based on popular folktale “The Gulliver’s Travels”. To learn other crafts of filmmaking, he associated with respected Indian and International names like Navin Rawanchaikul, Arun Khopkar, Mahesh Mathai, Rajat Kapoor, Harun Farocki (Germany), Gerry Troyna (UK), and others.

With a self-taken sabbatical gap of almost five years from 2009 to 2014, resumed his second innings with the responsibility of Executive Producer for a Gujarati Feature Film “Gujjubhai the Great” which turned out to be the highest Box Office revenue generator for the Gujarati film industry at the time. Thereafter to pursue the lifetime dream of making a feature film, went to Gir Sanctuary and National park to research a script based on Lion and Human (Maldhari) coexistence which is one of its kind on the planet. But on witnessing the heartbreaking situation of both the Lions and Maldhari stayed on for the next three years in Gir, spending all his life savings to make an investigative Documentary film “KHAMMA GIR NE” to reveal the grave and vulnerable situation due to many unfavorable factors that put Lion, the magnificent gift of Nature to mankind to the risk of extinction.

On realizing that making a film would not bring in the drastic change that is needed to protect and revive the future of Gir, Lions, and Maldharis, He has taken up this as a mission for the rest of the life. Khamma Gir Ne Foundation is the first step towards fulfilling that mission.

He is Simultaneously also working the Gujarati feature film script Aane Kahevay Love Story an intense perceptual love story of two diversely different men in a passionate fray to win the heart of a ‘soulful’ woman who is in pursuit of profound love and is now ready for production.


Vishal Sheth

Co-Founder, Trustee

A first-generation self-made one of the topmost elevated entrepreneurs of Ahmedabad. He grew up in this magnificent city crowned with a rich heritage of 600 years.


His compassion towards humanitarian values and family ideals are derived from his deep-rooted faith in Jainism. This well-traveled gentleman ardently follows his passion for photography from amidst his busy work schedule, wherein he adorns the hat of a successful real estate developer. From behind the lens, he fearlessly loves to capture the wildlife at its candid best. Quite a few of his work outstanding captures have been admired by the best in class professionals. His work and passion take him across length and breadth globally which enables him to make new friends and bond with like-minded individuals.

For him, everything is not about just procuring, but also giving back at large to the society, planet, and above all the needy souls. His concerns for wildlife, particularly lions got him on the bandwagon of Khamma Gir Ne, a documentary film on the conservation story of lions. He not only extended the much-needed support to the cause but also made a significant collaboration by taking it the whole movement to the next level by way of creating music for the mass, Funding drive, media coverage, and getting the attention of high profile socialites of Gujarat.

He has also immensely contributed towards awareness programs on Wildlife and Environment on various platforms. He has actively participated in improving ecology by way of mass plantation on barren and wastelands. Khamma Gir Ne Foundation is a further step towards fulfilling his vision and commitment to save Wildlife and the Forest of Gujarat.


Jitendra Trivedi

Executive Director

M.B.A. (Marketing), M.A. (Economics), D.T.M.

Nature lover, environmentalist, and a humble soul coming from a Brahmin community born and brought up in Ahemdabad- the megacity of Gujarat.


Having diverse educational and work experience in different fields like engineering, economics, construction, and management. Has earned 25 years of rich experience as a manufacturing manager at companies like The Arvind Mills and Mafatlal Industries enhancing practical experience in the field of economics as well as management.

Education makes one’s shoulder strong. He earned M.B.A. (Marketing) from the renowned management institute of Nirma University, Ahmedabad in the year 2000. Special inclination towards economics made him take up a post-graduation M.A. (Economics) from Saurashtra University in the year of 2011 with formerly obtaining  B.A. from Gujarat University in the year of 1992. He has also earned a Diploma in Textile Manufacturing from R.C. Technical Institute, Ahemdabad in years of 1988. After doing the job in different MNC, he quit the job and started the carrier of a consultant in the year 2005.

Before that, he has worked as a technical consultant and management consultant in the field of education, petrochemicals, constructions, and the environment. Later on, he joined as the Director of The Nachiketa Education Trust in 2015, to contribute to the field of education at various capacities at the level of Management.  He has organized many campaigns, roadshow, and drama in the Saurashtra region to Create awareness in the society about pollution control and environment conservation.  His keen interest and passion for wildlife and forest conservation naturally opted for him to join Khamma Gir Ne Foundation from 2019.





Gir Reporter is a mobile app through which Gir people will be able to report any incident Or news. Also, all the news related to Gir will be Published on the website as well as a weekly newsletter.


The youth of Gir will be brought under the umbrella of Sinh Sena to perform the duties for better conservation and protection of lion, carrying out awareness programs, etc.


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I love Gir I love Khamma Gir Ne and team.

I am more than happy to do my little bit and extend my support whole heartedly for your mission.

Hey! you guys are doing fantastic work to save our lions and rich heritage of Kathiyad.

All the best!! Khamma Gir Ne

- Rudra Bharad (Jalandhar, Gir)

I am more than happy to do my little bit and extend my support whole heartedly for your mission.

Hey! you guys are doing fantastic work to save our lions and rich heritage of Kathiyad.

All the best to Khamma Gir Ne and the team.

All the best!! Khamma Gir Ne

- Pratik Joshi (UAE)

Khamma Gir Ne Hey!

you guys are doing fantastic work to save our lions and rich heritage of Kathiyad.

I am more than happy to do my little bit and extend my support whole heartedly for your mission.

All the best to Khamma Gir Ne and the team.

All the best!!

- Prashant Gajera (USA)